Know Your Options Before Deciding On What Approach To Take When Solving Your Back Problems

Alternative Treatments

There are hundreds if not thousands different methods and options when it comes to getting relief from the symptoms of chronic back pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s mild, severe, chronic, or acute. While solving back pain IS indeed an industry, it’s best to know what options you have. You can bet that billions has […]

Medical Treatments Account for the Majority of Back Pain Solutions and Relief


Prescription medication, chiropractic adjustment, and surgical intervention still account for the vast majority of treatments sought for both acute and chronic back pain. While we at eBackPainRelief are huge proponents of seeking the least invasive treatments and reasonable alternative therapies, we also know people who do claim to benefit from medication and surgery. Some of […]

Resource for general back pain awareness, information and research on different types of back pain


Back pain is condition that will affect around 80% of Americans over the course of their lifetime. Armies of medical practitioners, scientists, researchers, companies, and alternative practitioners study the source and potential remedies for the solution to chronic back pain. This section is a source of news and research on back pain conditions. It will […]

The Modern Lifestyle Is A Leading Cause of Back Pain


Technological advances over the course of the past century have been a catalyst for sweeping and dramatic changes in society. Many would argue that it has made the world a safer, more livable place and many others would argue the exact opposite. Regardless of personal opinion, advances in the developed world have created an environment […]