The Modern Lifestyle Is A Leading Cause of Back Pain


Technological advances over the course of the past century have been a catalyst for sweeping and dramatic changes in society. Many would argue that it has made the world a safer, more livable place and many others would argue the exact opposite.

Regardless of personal opinion, advances in the developed world have created an environment with all the necessary conditions to perpetuate unhealthy backs and musculoskeletal structure. The very sedentary and comfortable lifestyle that vast technological advances have enable is the very same lifestyle that wreaks havoc on backs.

The human body in its natural form is the perfect machine for the purpose of hunting and gathering. Whereas past generations of humans could thrive because of their physical prowess, people of developed cultures often thrive for the very opposite reasons.

This section will outline exercise tips, techniques, and information not only for general wellbeing, but also to promote healthy backs.


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